Desk Appearance Ticket Information for New York City DATs (Queens, Brooklyn,Manhattan, Bronx)

Desk appearance ticket information for people issued desk appearance tickets (dats) in New York, including Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester, and Nassau County

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Read about general desk appearance ticket procedures or click on your specific county in New York City below to check for local procedures.

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Three Reasons to Hire Shalley & Murray to Help With a DAT

    Keep a small problem from becoming a big problem with professional service and affordable prices.  Find out how a desk appearance ticket lawyer from Shalley and Murray can help you

    All About Desk Appearance Tickets

    If you have received a desk appearance ticket in New York, or if you have been told that you might receive a desk appearance ticket, you probably have questions about what is going to happen to you and what it all means. should go a long way toward answering most of your questions in a straightforward, easy to understand format. Desk appearance tickets are different from pink summonses. If you are looking for help with a pink summons issued in New York City, visit our pink summons information site.

     If you are looking for information about petit larceny charges in New York City and help with defending petit larcency accusations, visit our petit larceny information website.

    Don't let your imagination get the better of you.  The truth is that a Desk Appearance Ticket can be manageable and affordable.

    Don't let your imagination get the better of you.  The truth is that a Desk Appearance Ticket can be manageable and affordable.

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    We are not the Court. We are a private New York criminal defense law firm with offices in New York City and Westchester County. We have more than 20 years experience defending people accused of crimes in New York, including many people with Desk Appearance Tickets. Whether you simply have a question or two, or want to make an appointment for a free consultation to speak to a criminal defense lawyer, please do not hesitate to call.

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    Changing DAT Dates

    Sometimes, getting a Desk Appearance Ticket can actually cause bigger problems because of the delay between arrest and arraignment.  Jobs, for example, will occasionally suspend employees based on the arrest.  When the DAT appearance date is a month or more away, this can be a major problem.  The police will often say that you can "just go to court" to change the date.  This is not true.  What is true is that sometimes an attorney can arrange an earlier date.

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    I Got a DAT at the Airport

    A great many Desk Appearance Tickets arise as a result of the increased security protocols at JFK and Laguardia airports.  For various policy concerns, these Desk Appearance Ticket can trigger increased scrutiny and cause increased difficulty, especially for cases involving what to you may well have been unknowingly having some sort of weapon (like a knife) in a bag. It would be wise to have a lawyer help you with this and the possible Federal penalties that may arise.

    Read more about the special issues involved with DATs from the airport.

    "But the Officer told me..."

    A steady stream of our clients tell us that the police officers who arrested them and gave them their Desk Appearance Tickets gave them legal advice like "Don't bother to hire a lawyer" or "You don't need a lawyer for a Desk Appearance Ticket."  This is silly advice they wouldn't follow themselves.  It may not be the most complicated case in the history of mankind, and it may not require a  trial, but you have been arrested and you need legal advice.

    Read more about the misinformation campaign of the NYPD regarding Desk Appearance Tickets